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Beehive Scale

Product description

The Beehub Scale is an automatic beehive scale with Sigfox communication. The advantage of the Sigfox is the low consumption during the communication (against the GSM technology) and doesn’t need SIM card.

The scale has a tare function that means you can easily observe the quantity of honey depending on time far away from the beehives.

The scale has external sensors which measure the temperature and humidity.

BeeHub Scale beehive scale

Product specifications

  • Massive aluminum frame beside its low weight resists every weather condition.
  • There's no big and heavy battery. It only needs 3 AA batteries to working more than 1 year.
  • There's no SIM card and any complex setup. Just unpack and use it!
  • You can reach your data on the web platform or the BeeHub app. You can turn on the e-mail and push notification option.



sigfox connection

Sigfox Connection

The communication take place on Sigfox network which has the most dynamic development. SIM cards are unnessecary, you only need a subscription. The price of the device includes the cost of the subscription for the first year.

low consumption

Low consumption

Beacause of the Sigfox technology and the innovative implementation the device capable to work 2 years with 3 AA batteries.

Külső szenzor

Connected Sensors

The device has a temperature and a humidity sensor.

What is the Sigfox technology?

Sigfox communication

The Sigfox is a french company which operates a global IoT network. The devices send the messages to the nearest base station with very low consumption. From the base station the data goes to the Sigfox cloud where it becomes avaible immediately or you can transmit it after processing.

The main advantages of the Sigfox technology:
  • Very low consumption, long lifetime
  • Long range
  • Cheap operation
  • No SIM card

Innovative Platform

The user can get the data from their devices anytime and anywhere with the Beehub Platform.

The most important specifications of the BeeHub Platform:
  • Use it on the Website or in the App
  • Graphic representation of the data
  • Device settings
  • E-mail and/or Push notifications
Check out our platform! Log in with the following credentials:
Email: demo  Password: demo


The BeeHub Scale sends the data to the user with radio frequency communication. This data can be viewed on the BeeHub Platform.

The Sigfox communication and the using of the Platform require a product support subscription. The product support subscription is fix and it doesn’t depend on the number of messages. This fee is much less than the devices which  uses GSM technology (SMS).

If it sends 2 messages/day

Beehive scale with SMS communication

SMS fee per month*
3,5 EUR/month
Annual SMS fee
41 EUR/Year

BeeHub Scale

BeeHub Scale fee per month
1,5 EUR/month
Annual BeeHub Scale fee
18 EUR/Year

*  Counted with 0,06 EUR SMS fee

BeeHub Protect

Anti-Theft protection

The BeeHub Protect offers a good solution aganst the thieves. The device placed inside the beehive and if somebody open or move the beehive it will alarm the owner immidiately. The BeeHub Protect could be more effective if every beehive has its own so we wanted to keep the price as low as possible during the design.

Beacause of the Sigfox technology the devices can work for many years without maintenance. You can get the alert to your smartphone with e-mail or push notification.

BeeHub Protect beehive anti-theft system




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User reviews

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Everything in one place

I find very useful that the data is avaible from my smartphone as soon as the measure took place. I like the decorative graphicons and the modern appearance of the platform.

quotation mark

Better than the GSM ones.

I found my GSM scales expensive on long term so i tried this one. I really like the easy using of the scale. The low power design makes easier the whole process.

quotation mark

Easy using

The set up was only 1 minute. After the unpack you just have to place it under the beehive, turn on and scan a QR code. That's all!

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Beekeeping of the future

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BeeHub beehive scale

BeeHub Scale

With annual product support subscription

243 EUR

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