Frequently Asked Questions

The scale uses Sigfox network instead of GSM. It has a very low consumption so it doesn’t need big, heavy battery. The Beehub Scale is working with only 3 AA batteries for 2 years. The measurement data can be found on the web platform or in the App. The scale measure the temperature and the humidity of the beehive. It has got an anti-teft function.

You only have to pay the product support subscription which includes the Sigfox connectivity price and the platform using. This is 18 EUR/Year. (This price is fix, it doesn’t depend on the number of messages.

The price contains 1 pcs Beehub Scale device and the product support subscription for the first year. (The box doesn’t contain the 3 AA batteries because of safety reasons.)

You can choose from 3 path. You can download from the site or you can read it on the web platform or in the BeeHub app.

The scale is ready for using as soon as you unpack it. Place the batteries in the electronics box and scan the QR code with your smartphone. You have to give some personal information and your account is ready.

The Beehub Scale is basically ideal for Langstroth beehives. If you need we can do special ones for other types.

The warranty period is 1 year.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions please write us.

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